The Young Feminist Activism Hub

The Young Feminist Activism (YFA) Hub is a permanent space available throughout the Forum, for young feminists and multigenerational informal and formal meetings, discussions, collaboration, networking and outreach.

The YFA program anticipates that such a space, dedicated for young feminists and multigenerational activities and networking, will help build a stronger sense of community amongst participants.

The YFA is a space to:

  • Engage young feminists in deeper conversations about strategies to build collective power for rights and justice.
  • Promote multi-generational dialogues and interchange of experiences, perspective and strategies.

Young Feminist Activists Group at the 2012 Forum

YFA Hub at the 2012 AWID Forum in Istanbul

YFA Schedule

Participant-led sessions

  • Artivism for young people: Building bridges between Art, activism, SOGI, and feminism
  • At our fingertips: Feminisms for a younger generation
  • Brazilian approaches to decolonizing feminism: Experiences and practices of Brazilian feminist movements
  • Building sexual justice and reproductive justice in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Egypt: Why we choose to utilizes feminist non-conventional knowledge production as a tool of resistance  
  • Healthy signposts on bumpy roads to safe futures: Youth SRHR realities in Central and Eastern Europe
  • LGBTQI young feminisms
  • Our lived realities: Young African feminists
  • Women's leadership at a young age: Key to success in the fight for women's rights

Check program for session descriptions and speakers, and Schedule /  App / Forum website for day / time / location and updates.

See all Participant-led Sessions (PDF)

Morning debriefs

A place for young feminists to come each morning to share things we've learned, ask questions, and start collective reflections as we eat breakfast before going to the morning plenary.

Multigenerational celebrations

Joining the Multigenerational Celebrations? Let us know!

On 8th September at the AWID Forum, the YFA team invites you to CELEBRATE Multigenerational organising.

This will be an informal gathering for all generations of feminists. We will gather around a symbolic “bonfire” to celebrate and share lessons on solidarity and multi-generational cross- movement organizing -- with poetry, song, dance, rap and other artistic forms and conversation.

If you would like to contribute, please write to us at

Memories and Moments

We want  to capture connections at the Forum! We invite young feminists to come to the Hub and grab a photo frame to take pictures with someone with whom you've connected at the Forum. We will be Instagramming these photos with a quote or comment to share with our allies. 

Tear Down the Wall

A symbolic wall will be built from local material, symbolizing struggles of multigenerational and intersectional organizing.

Come to the Hub to help tear the wall down, brick by brick.

How? We’ll put out relevant questions, and encourage conversations among participants. Each time participants submit a response to the YFA team volunteer, they can take a wearable ‘brick’ out of the wall. Eventually, as the bricks come down, a beautiful mural will be revealed, showcasing the visions we co-create for our feminist movements.

Art & doodling

There will be an art corner at the Hub where young feminists will be invited to use the art materials available to create art, political signs, or just relax and doodle.

Self-organized activities

The Hub space is available for young feminists to self-organize activities and sessions during the Forum. Come to the Hub to sign-up for the space and to see what's being planned!


Have questions about the YFA hub?

Please email


Young feminist activism group of advisors

Young Feminists Activists advisor group - Lara

Lara Koerner Yeo is a second year law student at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. She has a Masters degree in human rights and humanitarian action from Sciences Po's Paris School of International Affairs and a Bachelors degree in political science and women's and gender studies from Wellesley College. At the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, she participates in the Indigenous Law Journal, the Aboriginal Law Club and the Asper Centre Constitutional Advocacy Clinic. In first year, Lara completed a Pro-Bono Student Canada placement with the Canadian Lawyers for International Human Rights. Before commencing her law studies, she worked on human rights research and outreach with organizations in Canada and the United States, including Justice for Girls, Human Rights Watch, West Coast LEAF, Citizens for Global Solutions and Physicians for Human Rights. Lara is a member of the Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA) Steering Committee.

She works on FAFIA outreach and project development for the Campaign of Solidarity with Aboriginal Women. As a 2015 Students' Law Society Advocacy Fellow, Lara focused on FAFIA reports and advocacy connected to the periodic reviews of Canada by the United Nations Human Rights Committee and Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.She is a contributor to the Rights Review of the Faculty of Law's International Human Rights Program and to the Huffington Post Canada Politics blog."

Young Feminists Activists advisor group - Patrice

Patrice Daniel is a Psychotherapist by profession and she completed her studies in Vermont, USA. Educated through a social justice lens, Patrice holds a B.A in Psychology from Saint Michael’s College and a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counselling from the University of Vermont. She resides in her home country of Barbados and her current professional focus is adolescent mental health. A young feminist with a significant history in social justice, Patrice works and collaborates with several organisations that confront social disempowerment, discrimination and marginalisation.

Additionally, she is a founding member and co-manager of Walking into Walls, a social media initiative that highlights instances of gender-based violence across the Caribbean region. Patrice’s passion lies in ensuring racial and gender justice, sexual and reproductive health and rights and combating violence against women and girls. She agitates nationally, regionally and globally for recognition of women’s and girls’ human rights and has received many notable honours. Most importantly, Patrice believes that the perspectives of young feminists need to be heard. She recognises that activism is an indescribable mix of reward and frustration, victory and heartbreak and that the journey can be very isolating.

One way to further embolden young, feminist voices is to provide them with spaces to channel their convictions into tangible outcomes. It is for this reason that Patrice is dedicated to supporting young feminist organising and alliance building.

Young Feminists Activists advisor group - Leigh Ann

Leigh Ann van der Merwe is a coloured transgender woman born in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. Growing up knowing that she did not quite fit into the gender assigned to her at birth, she struggled finding her place in a very traditional and patriarchal society. Leigh Ann’s own experiences of violence and discrimination prompted her to establish Social, Health and Empowerment, a feminist collective of transgender women working in Southern and East Africa. Leigh Ann has conceptualized projects such as the African Transformative Feminist Leadership Institute and has co-authored the Transilience Research Report on violence against transgender women in South Africa. Leigh Ann has spoken on local, regional and international platforms to address the issues affecting transgender women.

She considers herself an “intersectional” feminist whose analysis is seeking to understand how factors such as race, class and the economic status influences one’s own identity. She holds a certificate in community journalism from UNISA. Leigh Ann is passionate about research and has published a paper on trans feminism in the New Voices of Psychology. She is also the author of the African Trans Feminist Charter. Leigh Ann has been a Global Reference Group member for a project called the Applied Research Services on Inter-linkages between gender based violence and HIV. This projects works closely withand is funded by UNAids, and is led by the HEARD consortium.

She is also a member of the first Young Feminist Wire Editorial Group hosted in AWID’s Young Feminist Activism Programme. Leigh Ann was recognized as a Women’s Human Rights Defender in December 2012 by the Masimanyane Women’s Support Center in East London, South Africa.

Young Feminists Activists advisor group - Paola

Paola Salwan Daher holds an LLM from the University Center for International Humanitarian Law in Geneva and a Licence in International Relations from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva. She has worked at the World YWCA in Geneva, at the CRTDA in Lebanon, and at the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies in Lebanon. She was part of the feminist collective Nasawiya in Lebanon and is a member of Solidarités in Switzerland.

She is currently Global Advocacy Advisor at the Geneva Office of the Center for Reproductive Rights. Her main areas of interest and research are intersectional feminism, access to sexual and reproductive health in conflict and post-conflict situations, movement building and political organisation for women of color and deconstructing gender stereotypes. She's a dedicated writer and blogger and has published different pieces in various outlets and participated in several conferences and roundtables.

Young Feminists Activists advisor group - Michely

Michely Ribeiro da Silva is a graduate in Psychology from Universidade Federal do Paraná, who specialized in Social Psychology, devoting herself to the study of identities. She developed activities aimed at the development and structuring of public health policy, especially aimed at youth, women, black people, STI / HIV and AIDS prevention and  equity in the health sector. She is a member of the Working Group on health of the Black Population in the state of Paraná, and currently ranks second in the black movement of the National Health Council, representing the Lai Lai Apejo Network - Black Population and AIDS. She is also a member of the joint team of the National Mobilization for health promotion of the Black Population and is also affiliated with the Black Women's Network.

Young Feminists Activists advisor group - Leticia

Leticia Zenevich is a Lawyer passionate about gender equality. She currently works for Women on Web, while she's getting her Master degree in Human Rights at Sciences Po Paris. She is also a consultant for UNHCR. She likes to work in the intersection of gender and refugee-related matters and has a big crush on Amy Poehler. She loves traveling but hates to leave her delightful poodle behind.

Young Feminists Activists advisor group - Marisa

Marisa Viana is currently the Executive coordinator of RESURJ (Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice Alliance), an international alliance of feminist activists working towards the fulfillment of all women’s and young people’s sexual and reproductive rights and health. Marisa’s experience spans advocacy, program development and evaluation, implementation of youth-friendly health services, grant making, and young feminist organizing.

She has led the Association for Women’s Rights and Development (AWID)’s Young Feminist Program; worked at the Foundation for Tropical Medicine in the Brazilian Amazon implementing youth friendly health services program for adolescents living with HIV/AIDS, and she also served as Latin America Program Associate for the International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC). Marisa is a Master in Public Health from Columbia University and a native of Brazil.

Young Feminists Activists advisor group - Mariam

Mariam Gagoshashvili is a queer feminist from Tbilisi, Georgia. She works as a Program Officer for Europe and Central Asia at Global Fund for Women. Before relocating to the US, Mariam worked at Women’s Fund in Georgia as a Program Coordinator, overseeing the Fund’s programmatic and development work. Currently, she is a board member of Urgent Action Fund and has served on FRIDA’s advisory committee since 2010. In addition to her engagement with women’s funds, Mariam has been actively involved in grassroots feminist and LGBTQI organizing in Georgia.

She has co-founded the Independent Group of Feminists, an autonomous activist collective led by young women and has lectured for the Gender Studies department at Tbilisi State University. Mariam holds BA in Social Psychology from the Tbilisi State University (Georgia) and MA in Gender Studies from the Central European University (Hungary). She has also studied at the European College of Liberal Arts in Germany, where her primary research interest was in the field of gender and sexuality.

Young Feminists Activists advisor group - Nevin

Nevin Öztop is a feminist from Ankara, Turkey and the Resource Mobilization Officer at FRIDA. She identifies herself as a feminist since a meeting she attended at “In Other Words Feminist Community Center” in Portland, Oregon in 2003. This is also why she considers “14 NE Killingsworth St, Portland” as the birthplace of her feminism. In Portland, on the 4th floor of Smith Memorial Student Union at Portland State University, she met a group of awesome queer activists who helped her combine feminism with queer perspectives.

Later on, she came out twice but says coming out to her mother as a vegetarian was way more difficult. During her 8 years at Kaos GL, she worked as the Editor-in-Chief of Kaos GL Magazine. There she also established and coordinated the “Regional Network Against Homophobia and Transphobia”, an anti-militarist and anti-nationalist LGBTI network in the Middle East, North Africa, South Caucasus and the Balkans.

Before joining FRIDA, she served as the UN Programme Associate at ILGA and as the Outreach, Mobilization & Communications Officer at the International IDAHO Committee. She currently lives in Switzerland and continues to serve as an advisor for a number of women’s funders to help them allocate their funds to grassroots organizations effectively. As a socialist feminist, Nevin believes the world revolves around gender, class and race. She believes all these lead to an unjust redistribution of resources, primarily money and knowledge and adds, “This is why, I believe, those of us who are involved in philanthropy should be well aware of power dynamics at the tables we sit and the philanthropic culture of the countries we enter.”