WHRD Hub: Sustaining Our Activism

The 'Women Human Rights Defenders Hub: Sustaining Our Activism' is a space to share strategies on ensuring holistic protection for WHRDs.

The 'Women Human Rights Defenders Hub: Sustaining Our Activism' is a holistic protection to recognize that security for WHRDs is more than merely physical security, and has additional pillars that need to be ensured to guarantee full safety of WHRDs.

See the WHRD Hub Schedule (Google Sheet)


Four dimensions

The Hub will integrate activities related to four of the dimensions of safety and security to WHRDs:

  • wellness and self-care
  • digital security and online safety
  • solidarity networks for WHRDs
  • collective responses to WHRDs from a feminist perspective

The hub will also provide the physical space to create solidarity, support one other, and share experiences and dreams. This space aims to build alliances and bridges amongst WHRDs and provide a safe zone where we can rethink and revisit our existing strategies while learning from each other’s practice.

This hub is also a space where participants can reflect and learn from different WHRDs who are developing strategies to strengthen security and safety.

A space to deepen a feminist approach to holistic security of activists, strengthen cross-movement solidarity, and advance wellbeing as a radical strategy for sustainable movements and joyful lives!

Women Human Rights Defenders in solidarity

WHRD International Coalition meeting with African WHRDs challenging extractive industries, Nairobi, October 2015 - © Hakima Abbas

Join us to:

  • Exchange strategies and consolidate our collective power in the face of violence, risks and threats against activists worldwide.
  • Celebrate our spirit, creativity and resilience.
  • Build knowledge and enhance commitment to the holistic security and wellbeing of WHRDs and the sustainability of our movements.

Participant-led sessions

  • An applied example: Trust building among women via non-verbal communication methods
  • Collective responses to integrated security: Current learnings and practices
  • Cultivating wellbeing: Provocative feminist thinking and action on trauma and protection
  • Digital security as feminist practice: WHRDs securing our digital tools and spaces for holistic protection
  • Documenting Women Human Rights Defenders: Activism, abuses and resistance
  • Forging ties and solidarity actions among Women Human Rights Defenders through IM-Defensoras
  • Sustainability of feminist activism: Inter-regional dialogues on self-care and collective well-being
  • The changing realities of the MENA region: New responses and continued resistance from WHRDs
  • WHRDs confronting extractive industries, defending territories, ensuring livelihoods

See program for session descriptions and speakers. Check Schedule / App / Forum website for day / time / location and updates.

See all Participant-led Sessions (PDF)

Wellbeing Area

We invite you to enhance your senses, experience pleasure and explore commitment to self-care and collective wellbeing as a core element in our lives and activism.

From Capacitar, Afrikan Yoga and dance movement, to poetry/prose writing workshop and discussion rounds on sustainable activist cultures: we seek to share our wealth of information and strategies of care, wellbeing and healing justice.

We welcome traditional textiles, art, music, Yoga mats, and any equipment and materials you would like to contribute/lend to co-create this special space.

Contact us with any questions and suggestions.

On site: Follow the Daily Wellbeing Program of Activities

See the schedule of the Wellbing area (Google Sheet)


Digital Security Advisory Stand

WHRDs and allies can receive one-on-one advice and exchange strategies on protection from technology- based violence and on how to use information and communication technologies to strengthen our movements. Check the schedule at the Hub.

Solidarity Action Calls

We invite all Forum participants to take action and express solidarity with Women Human Rights Defenders at risk. We will be announcing actions at the Forum.


Learn about the new digital platform where you can organize our own actions, join with others, and build a powerful global community to support feminist organizing -- online and on-the-ground. Sign up for demos and trainings and launch a new initiative or amplify a new one.

Engage in campaign to support WHRDs

Participate in the photo booth and other crowd-sourcing and interactive components of the new campaign being launched by Global Fund for Women, JASS and MADRE. 

'Demystifying and Shaping International Protections on VAW and Discrimination against Women

Join the experts and staff of the UN Working Group on Discrimination against Women and the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women for an open conversation to learn more about our international rights and how we can co-create an international framework that reflects our lived realities and needs.'

Religious Fundamentalisms and our Rights to Culture

Connect with the UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights to share your experiences with religious fundamentalisms and creative strategies to counter their impact on your activism.

For more information on this consultation, please email nshameem@awid.org.

Self-organized Space

A space for WHRDs and activists to connect, exchange knowledge and experiences, and support and inspire each other.

You can initiate an informal meeting or discussion on any topic, in any language! Self-Organized Space is open for everyone to schedule meetings ispontaneously, on-site

Знакомимся на Форуме! Russian-speaking Activists Get-together

  • 8 September (Day 1): 14:30-15:30

    Let’s meet each other, strengthen our regional connections, appreciate the diversity of our identities and spheres of activism, make new friends! Additionally, please note Russian-language activities in the Wellbeing Area, and breakout sessions with Russian simultaneous interpretation.

Networking Meeting for Activists Confronting Extractive Industries

  • 10 September (Day 3): 16:30-17:30

    Join an informal cross-regional gathering of activists and community organizers defending their rights, lands, territories, and the environment. Let’s get to know each other, learn about our different struggles, challenges and successes, strengthen our global networks and solidarity.


Co-creating the WHRD TRIBUTE

Honoring and Celebrating Women Human Rights Defenders

Let’s build together the collective memory of our movements. The Tribute commemorates feminists, Women Human Rights Defenders and LGBTQI activists who are no longer with us. A painted mural will feature names, portraits and stories of activists and WHRDs. Co-create the mural by bringing names, portraits, images, poems, to honor the memory of the activists and WHRDs dear to your heart and your movement.

At the Forum, join us for a ceremony to commemorate activists and WHRDs who have passed away or have been assassinated for their activism.

An invitation for us all to make the time and space to be moved and inspired.

A mural unveiling ceremony, a dance performance and a Brazilian ritual to commemorate feminist activists and Women Human Rights Defenders who passed away or were assassinated for their activism. A celebration of the lives and struggles of activists and WHRDs today.

Watch the WHRD Tribute Mural in the making by artist Pia Cabble

Learn more about the WHRD Tribute


If you have any questions about the Sustaining our Activism Hub

Please email whrd@awid.org

See the WHRD Hub Schedule (Google Sheet)