The daily plenary sessions are the one place where all Forum participants come together in the same room.

Each day these two-hour sessions will focus on critical, multi-issue and cross-movement themes. We invite participants to think and frame questions and engage in debate and discussion with the diverse movements represented.

Expanding beyond "expert panels", these Plenary sessions incorporate various ways of participating, with creative and artistic surprises to excite and inspire!

Opening Plenary

Our Current Realities

We will open the Forum with an invitation for us all to collectively celebrate our victories, acknowledge our wounds, and co-create the futures we aspire to. Situating ourselves in the current moment, we will examine the complex realities in which struggles for rights and justice are now taking place. We will build collective analysis of key issues and trends from diverse social movements and sectors. We will explore the old and new threats to rights and justice and how they are changing, consolidating, or expanding.

This plenary will provide a contextual platform from which we can co-create new visions for the future.

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Plenary 2

Experiences of Solidarity, Resistance & Creative Disruptions

This session will offer a space to expand our notions beyond current framings and move us towards a radical transformation of our own thinking. We will feature inspiring examples of ‘creative resistance and disruption’ from different movements and cross- movement collaborations that are having significant impact in the current context.

We will also discuss  the ‘elephants in the room’ – untold stories of how and why different movements did not work well together, and the common challenges to building solidarity.

We will collectively ponder what we can learn from our accumulated experience, and what it means for our future struggles.

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Evening plenary: Money and Movements

The power of collective resource mobilization: Visions for the future of resourcing our movements. 

For a decade now, AWID and others have continuously emphasized and tracked shifting trends around funding and resources for rights and justice movements. While understanding these trends has been very important, there is a need to place equal emphasis on understanding and evolving diverse strategies for mobilizing resources for our movements.

This evening Plenary will illustrate examples of collective resource mobilization strategies among multiple movement allies, unpacking the internal challenges and external dynamics that impact joint resource mobilization efforts. We will also discuss and analyze both the potential and opportunities for joint cross-movement resource mobilization strategies.

Plenary 3

Co-Creating New Futures

The intention of this session is to generate visions for our future feminist world - new social systems, institutions, cultures and behaviors. To get there, we need to identify the steps, remedies, and shifts that will move us towards these new visions. We will build on the momentum of the earlier Forum conversations and move ourselves beyond resistance towards co-creating shared visions for a NEW reality. What will it take? Who will it take? How will it be done?

Participants will be encouraged to dream big, and dream together! It will reinforce the call for joining hands across our diverse struggles, sharing energies, and strengthening our collective power, but also stress the need to more clearly articulate what we are for –not just what we are against– in order to envision and realize a different –and feminist– future.

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Closing Plenary

Key Forum Insights & Feminist Visions for the Future

The closing session will take stock of the Forum’s journey and insights, give thanks to all involved, and offer space to highlight key outcomes, including joint actions, deepened collaborations and new initiatives created or launched at the Forum.

We will celebrate our community, and consolidate the ideas, inspiration and energy that will pave the way for collective action to co-create Feminist Futures.

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