Participant-led sessions

Nearly 200 interactive sessions will push us to re-imagine and build more inclusive movements, based on our diverse struggles and the latest analysis.

These nearly 200 compelling sessions were chosen from over 1,000 excellent proposals responding to our call for sessions about:

  • our gains and learning;
  • our current realities;
  • institutions and mechanisms;
  • our visions; and
  • our collective power.


Featured Session

Democracy: Lessons learned, challenges & the way forward

Processes to build and/or deepen democracy around the world have yielded mixed results. In some contexts we have seen stronger State institutions without real democratic mandates and commitment. In others, the model of liberal democracy has shown limitations. At the same time, experiments in direct participatory democracy are spreading. 

This session will interrogate aspirations and promises of democracy, its challenges and potential in current contexts, building from experiences from so-called leftist or progressive governments. We will discuss the role of social movements and civil society, highlighting people-led processes of transition from autocratic regimes and consequent backlash in North Africa, experiments in democracy in the Rojava Kurdish Autonomous Region and Zapatista communities in Chiapas, and the recent institutional coup in Brazil.

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