Overview & Strategic Sessions

The Forum process begins well before we gather in Brazil. AWID has been  building relationships with the diverse movements and sectors we hope to convene.


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Feminist futures will not be forged by panels alone! There will be many ways to engage at the Forum to share and build analysis, touch the heart and re-energize the body.

Languages at the Forum

All plenary sessions and as many breakout sessions as possible will have simultaneous interpretation into English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic.


Plenaries are the one place where all Forum participants come together in the same room. They invite participants to think and frame questions for each day, and provoke debate and discussion amongst the diverse movements present.

Expanding beyond "expert panels" - AWID Forum Plenaries incorporate various ways of participating, with creative and artistic surprises to excite and inspire!

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Umbrella Issue Sessions

AWID’s pre-Forum work with partners on urgent issues will translate into 3-hour, in-depth sessions at the Forum to help deepen and formalize cross-movement engagement.

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Cross-movement Initiatives

These three-hour sessions will spotlight ripe opportunities for cross-movement engagement – hopefully resulting in more and better collaborative action!

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Participant-led Sessions

Nearly 200 interactive sessions will push us to re-imagine and build more inclusive movements, based on our diverse struggles and the latest analysis. 

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Access specialized information and tools in the following hubs:


Mobilize and show solidarity with local activists in Salvador (date to be confirmed).

Download the Forum Program (PDF)