Cross-Movement Initiatives

These sessions are designed to promote concrete cross-movement solidarity and joint action. Organizations and movements leading existing initiatives and campaigns will utilize the AWID Forum to garner support from and engagement with other movements to strengthen, promote, and advance these actions.

These sessions are tied to specific actionable opportunities for cross-movement solidarity, learning, and engagement.

Please check schedule/App/website for days, times, and places for these sessions.

Building alliances to end gender-based violence in the world of work

Organized by: International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and Solidarity Centre

Gender-based violence in the world of work is a widespread violation of human and labor rights. This session will address the context and scope of GBV at work, its links to larger struggles for economic and gender justice, and invite and inspire labor, feminist, and other rights activists to join the ITUC Stop the Violence campaign, to establish international standards for stopping GBV at work.


  • Lisa McGowan, Solidarity Center


  • Julia Perkins, Coalition of Immokolee Workers
  • Nomita Nath, President of the Bangladesh Independent Garments Workers Union Federation (BIGUF)
  • Madeleine Kennedy-Mcfoy, Education International
  • Pending discussant

Learn more about Gender based violence in the workplace and its impact on women’s well-being

Depathologization: A struggle for all

Organized by: Global Action for Trans* Equality (GATE)

All around the world many people share the experience of having their bodies, their gender identities and expressions of their sexualities classified as mental or physical disorders. This classification not only pathologizes them; it also promotes and justifies gross human rights violations against them, including unnecessary “normalizing” surgeries in infancy and “reparative” therapies in childhood.

We are at a historical moment to turn the tide and to work together to depathologize our shared future. Come to defend bodily, gender and sexual diversity worldwide.


  • Paula Machado: Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS).
  • Viviane Vergueiro Simakawa: Grupo Cultura e Sexualidade, de la Universidade Federal da Bahia. 
  • Laura Contrera:  UnLaM.
  • Vreer Verkerke: Principle 17
  • Morgan Carpenter:  Intersex Day Project, OII Australia.

Join us to affirm depathologization as a feminist issue

BDS and the intersection of feminism and national liberation struggle

Through joint cross-movement engagement and transnational feminist solidarity, this 3-hour session will spotlight ripe opportunities for anti-colonial, feminist and queer engagement with Palestine and the global movement for the campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).

The BDS campaign against Israel serves as one manifestation of resistance to colonialism and imperialism and towards envisioning an alternative future. We will map the movement’s victories and successful local and international campaigns, and examine the different challenges and dilemmas encountered in organizing. Finally, this session will advocate for concrete cross-movement solidarity that can result in more and better collaborative action for Palestine.


  • Zeina Zaatari, AWID Board member
  • Haneen Maikey,  alQaws for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society
  • Sama Aweidah,  Women's Studies Centre
  • Lena Meari, Institute of Women’s Studies/Department of Social and Behavioural Science, Birzeit University
  • Ghadir el Shafieh, Aswat-Palestinian Gay Women

Find out how to spotlight ripe opportunities for engagement with Palestine

Feminist Playbook for Peace

Organized by: Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF)

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) will lead this cross-movement session by focusing on ways to strengthen the women’s movement for peace - internally and externally by building on the commitments and outcomes of WILPF Women's Power to Stop War movement.

The Feminist Playbook for Peace session will critically and specifically examine the context of gender and power: patriarchy, economic, political and militarism. It will also explore practical and innovative local strategies to prevent conflict and collectively shape a vision that addresses feminist foreign policies and reform, accountability and engagement with UN multilateral systems.


  • Madeleine Rees: Secretary General of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
  • Binalakshmi Nepram, Disarmament Indigenous Activist, Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network and Control Arms Foundation of India
  • Marcos Nascimento, MenEngage Alliance, Brazil
  • Oula Ramadan, Syrian Activist, Badael Foundation
  • Bettina Cruz, Indigenous Women’s Rights Defender
  • Jamie Dobie, Executive Director, Peace Is Loud

Explore how to create feminist solutions