Caucuses and self-organized spaces

Caucuses are self-organized by forum participants and are held during lunch time at the forum. Sessions can be to network, have strategic discussions, gather ideas or consult on particular initiatives, write a joint statement or develop a campaign.

The Francophone Village

Genre en Action in collaboration with AWID is organizing The Francophone Village

This is a space to strengthen the international francophone movement around women’s rights, foster the active presence of francophones and highlight the issues and contributions of francophones at the AWID Forum.

A friendly and comfortable space designed to:

  • Promote and facilitate the participation of francophones, particularly those from the Global South
  • Strengthen the international francophone movement around women’s rights
  • Highlight the issues and contributions of francophones at the AWID Forum

Come to the Village to:

  • Share informally throughout the day.
  • Check out the bulletin board for information about interpretation supports for participants
  • Be part of facilitated gatherings to  coordinate francophone participation in various Forum sessions and activities.

A facilitation team of five Genre en Action members will:

  • Welcome, guide and help participants organize their agendas during the Forum
  • Encourage the creation of work groups and facilitate meetings with non-francophone organizations
  • Organize collective debriefing workshops
  • Produce content on francophone participation in the Forum


Get in touch with Genre en Action via their contact form.

Disability Rights Space

A relaxed, welcoming space to meet with feminist disability rights activists, whether to catch up with old friends or make new ones.

  • Find out about new initiatives on feminist/ disabled women’s rights
  • Develop inter-movement links
  • Understand how as a feminist you can incorporate disability rights in your activism.

You'll be able to chat and discuss, watch videos, participate in art activities, check out goods produced by women with disabilities, or just plain relax.

Check out our lunch-time trainings and dialogues on disability inclusive development and advocacy for disability rights, among others.

If you are bringing your own interpreter or if you know of anyone who needs sign language interpretation, please let us know! Get in touch with Adriana at

Gender Justice Activism and International Human Rights

Join us for an open dialogue on the challenges we face together and the new opportunities we can create as activists connecting with human rights mechanisms and actors. We will come together to explore and create new rights futures on days 2 and 4 of the AWID Forum.

Find out more about spaces for strategic engagement and agenda-setting in conversation with UN policy actors, and explore key questions such as: 

  • How do we make international human rights spaces more useful and accessible to all feminist activists?
  • Who is getting left out of gender justice movements - locally, nationally and internationally - and how can we include them?
  • What would it mean in practice to have more effective feminist engagement with human rights systems under attack by anti-rights/conservative actors?
  • Do we need to be more radical in IHR spaces?  Are we too respectable?

Get in touch and find out more!


Zika & rights: strengthening local, national, and transnational responses

  • Thursday, 8 September at Lunch
  • Facilitators: Anis, Grupo Curumim, CRIOLA, Fiocruz/IFF, Ipas, GHJP/Yale

Join us for an open discussion about the core gender, sexual and reproductive rights, and social injustice issues surrounding the Zika epidemic, in Brazil and regionally. We will reflect on current local, national, and transnational responses to the epidemic, from community-based education to national litigation and regional advocacy. Together, we will map out new national/transnational and inter-movement links for moving forward and ensuring a rights-based response.


Check out the schedule/app/website for the locations of these and other self-organized spaces throughout the Forum venue.

2 participants looking at the program at the 2012 AWID Forum in Turkey