Arts & Culture

The AWID Forum features a wide range of activities not just to feed the mind, but also to inspire the spirit and re-energize the whole person. 

Explore and appreciate art as a way to build solidarity, stimulate connections, and facilitate learning. Enrich and inspire your politics at the Forum with feminist theatre, poetry and spoken word, curated visual art, film, music, dance and more.

The Artivism Hub space

Every day during the breaks and at lunch there will be artist talks, performances, pop-up workshops and much more. Drop by and also check out the permanent exhibitions in this space.

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Dance, Dance, Dance

Our spirited evening events will relax and reenergize you in an atmosphere geared as much towards fun as it is towards networking. Join us on the dancefloor!

Dancing at the Black Feminisms March on November 2015

© Sabriya Simon

Get inspired!

Films @ The Forum

These are just some of the incredible films that will be screened at the upcoming AWID Forum in Bahia, Brazil in September.

Take a sneak peek!

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From our Blog

Imagining Feminist Futures Through ArtivismImagining Feminist Futures Through Artivism

by Amina Doherty

Over the years, in my own life, the AWID Forum has come to symbolise a space marked by incredible intellectual inspiration and unmatched learning, renewed and rejuvenated friendships (and the building of new ones), creative and collective visioning, organising opportunity and memory making.

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