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Registration for the Forum is now open again. We look forward to seeing you in September!

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Many of you know we postponed the Forum from May to September amid uncertainty about the extent and risks related to the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil. 

Based on the information and analysis we have, we are confident that the conditions at Costa do Sauipe in September will be conducive to a safe and productive Forum, and AWID's Board of Directors has reconfirmed its political commitment to holding the Forum in Brazil.   

Although the Zika virus merits caution, we believe that risks to Forum participants can be minimized to such a degree that the risks are outweighed by the opportunity and importance of coming together face-to-face for cross-movement strategizing in the face of a complex global context.

Register now and see you in September!

The response we've received regarding the rescheduling for September has been overwhelmingly positive. Almost everyone who had registered and/or committed to participate in some way before knowing of the postponement has reconfirmed their participation in September.

A few people, though, have asked why we didn't just move the Forum out of Brazil, and a few others have asked why we think September will be any safer than May.

What will be different in September?

Based on the best information, research and analysis we have gathered from experts and allies inside and outside Brazil, here's why we are confident things will be better in September:

  • Updated statistics from the Bahia State Health Ministry indicate that as of March 8, 2016, only two suspected cases of Zika have been reported this year in the municipality where the Forum venue is located (Mata de São João). This reflects a very low risk level.
  • Costa do Sauipe resort reports that to date no guests or staff have contracted the virus, indicating effective mosquito-control measures. The resort is fully committed to working with AWID to implement any further measures recommended by health officials in advance of and during the forum.
  • Brazilian members of our International Planning Committee - including medical doctors- believe that the massive measures to eradicate the mosquito that carries the Zika virus ahead of the Olympic Games in August will likely have an important impact in controlling the spread of the virus.
  • In mid-September there will still be cool weather in Bahia and therefore minimal mosquito activity, significantly reducing the risk of Zika and other mosquito-borne infections.

Why Brazil?

Given our confidence that by September, the risks related to Zika will be minimal, the rationale for holding the Forum in Brazil is as strong as ever.

One of the reasons Brazil was originally chosen as the location for the Forum was its long history of social movement struggle and, especially in the state of Bahia, Afro-Brazilian organizing.

Now, as many of you are probably seeing in the news, the political situation in Brazil is increasingly more complex and uncertain, mirroring what is happening all over the world: crises of inequality, violence, corruption, political instability, dislocation, discrimination, and polarization.

Brazilian activists are now telling us that for them, the current political situation makes it even more important that the Forum be held in Brazil as a space for cross-movement dialogues  about how to reclaim democratic spaces and fight for gender and social justice in such complex contexts.

Finally, it would be impossible -both logistically and financially- to reorganize and hold the Forum in a different country this year. Unless we see a strong justification for shifting the location, we look forward to seeing you in Brazil.  

Virtual participation

We understand that not everyone who hoped to participate in the Forum will choose to attend under these circumstances. We are exploring possibilities for some kind of virtual participation to engage those who choose not to travel to the Forum.

Opportunities for solidarity

UN Women, national and international health officials and representatives of feminist and other social organizations have been meeting to discuss, plan and implement prevention and response strategies to Zika, including around the intersections of sexual and reproductive rights, disability rights[AB4] , and race and class justice.

Those plans will inform AWID’s next steps around solidarity actions, especially in the context of the current political upheaval in the country.

As always, we welcome your feedback and opinions. You can also sign up if you'd like to participate in a webinar for more information about Zika and the situation in Brazil, or find out more about solidarity actions.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation closely and share important updates. Of course, if at any time we assess that the risks are such that we cannot proceed with the Forum in Brazil in September, we will certainly make that call.

Join us!

Registration for the Forum is now open again.

We look forward to seeing you in September!

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soy activista feminista desde hace 16 años , coordino la fundación hijas de la luna en Nicaragua que trabaja sobre la defensa de los derechos de las mujeres y población LGBT. creo que mujeres que estamos en la lucha constante sobre este trabajo deberíamos de participar en dicho encuentro para el seguimiento, estrategias y contexto de cada país y posibles alianzas de trabajo .

“KAREMAT” which means “Generous Women” is a center located in Kilis Turkey, enabling Syrian women cognitively and economically.
"KAREMAT" والتي تعني "المرأة السخية" هو مركز يقع في كيليس تركيا، تمكين المرأة السورية معرفيا واقتصاديا.

My best greetings
It's a matter of So'roura participating with you and repeat the experiment that had previously been involved with you in the Lloyd Istanbul in 2012 to acquire the expertise and experience of women leaders in their communities
With all traipse success of this great event

@Keramat and @Sanaa, great connecting with you both!

If you would like to be more informed of AWID's work with WHRDs please get in touch with Semanur Karaman from skaraman@awid.org.

We look forward to seeing you again at the Forum this year!

In solidarity!
Cécile - on behalf of the AWID team

Gracias por su comentario e inspiración. Su trabajo en Nicaragua es muy importante para nosotras.
Esperamos intercambiar ideas, experiencias y estrategias presentes y futuras sobre esta problemática en el Foro en Septiembre.

En solidaridad,

Cécile - a nombre del Equipo de AWID

Im thankful for the forum.Really thank you! Great. Hasty

Thanks for your comment and for your support. This means a lot to us.
We hope to see you in Brazil in September!

Cécile - on behalf of the AWID team

we hope to get supporting our work . to give greet result .

نحن المؤسسة العربية لمساندة قضايا المرأة والحدت .. جمعيه غير حكومية مقرها عدن - الجمهورية اليمنية