Costa de Sauipe

The 13th International AWID Forum happened will be held 8-11 September 2016 at the Costa do Sauípe [pronounced sah-WEE-peh] resort in Bahia, Brazil, about 2 hours from the city of Salvador and one hour from the Salvador de Bahia International Airport.

Why Brazil

AWID’s Board of Directors decided to organize the 2016 Forum in Brazil for many reasons:

  • Geographically, it was a logical step given that previous Forums were in Mexico (2002), Thailand (2005), South Africa (2008) and Turkey (2012) – so moving the Forum back to Latin America, and particularly South America made sense.
  • Politically, at the time the decision was made, Brazil’s growing role in the global scene and its experiments with a range of programs to address inequality also made it a very interesting location for a Forum.
  • And perhaps most importantly, the long history of social movement organizing in Brazil strongly resonated with our Forum theme, and the emphasis on cross-movement engagement to face the many contradictions and complexities in the current context, especially as the political situation becomes increasingly uncertain, mirroring what is happening all around the world.
    Hear more from Brazilian activists Jurema Verneck, Nilcéa Feire and Schuma Schmaher, about how they hope the Forum can contribute to facing some of the challenges they are currently facing in struggles for rights and justice in Brazil and we look forward to showcasing some of their experiences at the Forum.
  • Although the Zika virus situation merits caution, we are confident that the conditions at the Costa do Sauípe Resort in September werewill be conducive to a safe and productive Forum

Why Bahía

When Brazil was selected for the 2016 Forum, we felt the State of Bahia would be a good choice as a site. Afro-Brazilian culture and traditions have strong roots in Bahia and are inter-woven through Brazilian society. The Bahia of yesterday and today has a strong track record of activist struggles and achievements among diverse groups, in particular, Black and Afro-descendant communities fighting for racial justice.

The 2016 AWID Forum seeks to learn and be inspired by this rich tradition of activism while working towards the building of collective power for rights and justice.

Why Costa do Sauípe?

Of all the possible venues in Bahia, and in other regions of Brazil, AWID and the International Planning Committee decided that Costa do Sauípe provides us with the best conditions.  We recognize that a “resort” is not the typical big hotel/convention center-type venue but we see many benefits of Costa do Sauípe for the kind of Forum we’re planning.

About Costa do Sauípe

Sauípe is a small town in the district of Mata de São João. It sits on the northern coast of Bahia, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil. Sauípe’s coast is a true ecological paradise with eight kilometers of wild beaches, sand dunes, coconut trees, ponds and rivers, and is surrounded by sunshine year round. Located in an EPA (Environmental Protection Area), the Costa do Sauípe has preserved the diversity of its fauna and flora. Along the coast, you can explore nature through hiking and eco-tours.

The district of Mata de São João is also the centre of Projeto TAMAR, which is a Brazilian non-profit organization owned by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation. The main objective of the project is to protect sea turtles from extinction on the Brazilian coastline. The TAMAR Project station is located on the beach of Praia do Forte just a few minutes away from the Costa do Sauípe Resort.

The resort

The physical landscape of the resort was developed to preserve environmental integrity, and access to the beach is limited at night as part of an agreement with Projeto TAMAR. The resort also provides non-toxic and biodegradable hotel products.

The all-inclusive resort complex has the capacity to house events of up to 3,500 people in more than 40 meetings rooms and in The Arena Sauípe, one of the largest convention centres in Bahia. The Resort has 1,219 suites distributed in five hotels and five smaller guesthouses with 147 additional rooms. Each hotel has its own restaurant, pool facilities and other leisure attractions for people of all ages.

AWID has reserved the entire resort for the 13th AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights and Development. This offers an unprecedented opportunity for women’s and feminist movements to occupy, own, and transform this space.

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Costa de suipe - green area

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