violence against women

The structural problem of misogyny

New feminism should stand together with the new proletariats against female exploitation and violence. It is time to recognise the struggle to control women’s bodies in all forms as deeply politically misogynist even if there is no easy way to mobilise and collectivise this effort writes feminist Zillah Eisenstein*.   The world seems upside down […]

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Why is the Internet a Feminist Issue?

Posted in Private Sector & Corporate Power on February 8th, 2013 by

The women’s programme of world’s oldest progressive internet network outlines its priority issues for the 12th AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights in Development that will gather over 2000 women’s rights activists from around the world from April 19 to 22, 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey. Self, body and autonomy The internet is a key channel […]

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Militarism, Violence and Conflict – How Women Bear the Brunt of War

Posted in Militarism, Violence & Conflict on November 21st, 2012 by

FRIDAY FILE: Militarism, conflict and violence are on the rise and have a range of gender-specific impacts. Increased spending on defense, arms and security often means that spending on social services is being cut. In the context of militarism and conflict violence against women also increases and attacks on women’s human rights defenders are growing […]

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Anonymity, accountability and the public sphere

Posted in The Role of the State on November 16th, 2012 by

Jac sm Kee. I found myself being confronted with the issue of anonymity and accountability in different ways at the AWID Forum. At the Feminist Tech Exchange (FTX) and Connect Your Rights events that took place just before the Forum, we discussed about the different and increasingly sophisticated ways that internet technologies have been used […]

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No Budget for Women’s Struggle in Turkey

Posted in Financial Flows, The Role of the State on November 1st, 2012 by

At the “Improving Concrete Proposals and Feminist Policies about the Violence Against Women” panel of 12. AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights in Development,Gülsen Ülker from Women’s Solidarity Foundation, Ülfet Taylı from Organization of Women’s Shelters, Ömür Yılmaz from KAHDEM (Central Organization for Women Legal Support) and Nihal Yakın from Women’s Solidarity Association of Izmir were speakers. The state simplifies the women’s […]

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Mexico: the war on drugs is becoming a war on women

Posted in Militarism, Violence & Conflict, Sexuality on October 31st, 2012 by

Laura Carlsen. Women human rights defenders in Mexico are increasingly targeted, often by government forces, since drug war violence and militarisation provide a cover for attacking leaders of grassroots movements, says Laura Carlsen Some women had to be escorted into the city by court-appointed guards. Others flew in from virtual war zones where they check […]

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A brutal manifestation of patriarchy

SUNILA ABEYSEKERA. The involvement of women in anti-war actions and in support of peace activism worldwide is a critical part of modern history, yet  the vulnerability of women in conflict situations to violence of all forms is perhaps the most brutal manifestation of patriarchy in modern times. We must probe the areas of ambivalence in women’s […]

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