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The Power of Pleasure

Morning plenary Experiences of Resistance and Collective Organizing to Transform Economic Power showed how different grassroots movements across the globe have been challenging the current overarching system. Plenary take aways: Include men. Given from the rural organizing perspective: when women are meeting to organize themselves – men tend to step aside – we have to educate and […]

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Linking sex worker rights with feminism and development

Posted in Labour & Work on November 2nd, 2012 by

The AWID Forum will be an opportunity for women working in international development to come together to  strategize, network, celebrate, and learn from each other. A mix of activists, academics and people from programmes for women will hear presentations and engage in dialogues around this year’s theme which is the impact of economic power on women. This […]

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The current dominant economic system has profound impacts on women’s sexual and reproductive rights and LGBTQI rights—including and beyond the commodification of sex, sexuality and women’s bodies. Times of economic crisis often lead to even greater attempts to control sexuality and further limit access to sexual and reproductive health services and rights, especially for women […]

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