global financial crisis

Recovery with rights: Towards an economy that cares

The global financial crisis led to greater job loss and poverty among women than men while rising food prices and responsibility for social reproduction take excessive tolls on the livelihoods of women. Financial crises and austerity measures to combat crises undermine the human rights to work, education, health and nourishment and the capacity to provide […]

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Embracing Disruptions, Responding to Uncertainties, Valuing Agency: Situating a Feminist approach to social protection

Posted in Labour & Work, The Role of the State on April 12th, 2013 by

Elizabeth Reid, Marilyn Waring, Corina Rodriguez Enriquez and Meena Shivdas examine social protection explaining what ‘social protection’ means, and the design and delivery of social protection interventions. They outline a feminist approach to social protection based on recent research on unpaid care work and applied strategies on women and children’s rights to land and other […]

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Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on Women

Posted in Interdisciplinary on October 25th, 2012 by

Women are at the centre of the fallout from the systemic crisis, which combines distinct interlocked crises: a global economic recession, the devastating effects of climate change, and a deepening food and energy crisis.   Videos  Ewa Charkiewicz. Feminist Think Tank, Poland  Ewa explains the impact of neoliberalism on women  

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