Gender and Economic Justice: Dreaming alternatives

Jayati Ghosh argues it is time for feminists to enter into the discussion of alternatives more forcefully in order to define how economic institutions and policies can ensure a gender-just economy and society. Introduction We have just lived through a phase in which the only grand idea that survived in much of the world seemed […]

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Feminists unmasking religious fundamentalisms

Posted in Culture & Religion on November 2nd, 2012 by

What impact is the rise of religious fundamentalisms having on women’s rights? How are women’s rights activists fighting back? Interesting questions in the light of the developments at international human rights fora in recent years, amongst which the ICPD, the Human Rights Council, current Rio+20 negotiations and the CSW a couple of months back. The latter was […]

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Reflections from the 2012 AWID Forum

Posted in Financial Flows on November 2nd, 2012 by

Investing in Girls and Young Women vs. Strategies To Support Young Feminist Activism – Is there a difference? – by Amina Doherty It’s taken me a while to process all of my reflections from the 2012 AWID Forum. One of the things I’ve been sitting with was a question that came out of the break-out […]

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No Economic Justice without Gender Justice

Posted in Plenary 1 on October 24th, 2012 by

Wendy Harcourt. It seems incredible in these days of economic crisis that over 2,200 women (and some men) found the time and money to fly to Istanbul for a discussion on gender and economic justice at the AWID Forum 2012. Registrations closed a week before the event opened and the majority of the 800 organizations […]

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