Questions for Proposals

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We have begun sending notifications to those who submitted a session proposal. Due to the overwhelming response to the Call for Proposals, these notices will take some time to roll out. Please note that if you applied by the Call for Proposals deadline (June 3, 2011) you will hear from us no later than Friday, September 16th.

We strongly encourage session organizers to use an intersectional approach by considering the relevance and significance of how diverse identities intersect to define people’s experiences and how people are impacted by the issues explored in your session. This includes consideration of diverse gender identities, class, ability, race, ethnicity, age, and locality, among others.

Forum sessions are 1.5 hours in length. In addition to relating to one or two of the themes, your session proposal should respond to at least one of the questions below.

  1. What are key insights, lessons or debates about how economic power works in this theme, keeping in mind the realities and experiences of women in all their diversities?
  2. What are existing experiences in building towards transformative, alternative visions and practices within this theme—whether at local, national, regional and/or international levels—and what are the roles of women’s movements and/or other social movements in these experiences?
  3. What skills do activists need to transform economic power in relation to this theme?
  4. What are concrete strategies, including the kinds of alliance building needed, for transforming economic power in relation to this theme?
  5. What are concrete forward-looking proposals for change and visions to transform economic power in relation to this theme?