Young Feminist Corner (YFC)

The Young Feminists Corner (YFC) is a community space for young women and allies organized by the Young Feminist Activism (YFA) Program at AWID with support from an advisory board of 11 young women activists from different regions of the world. The YFC is a space designed for and by young women but welcomes participants of all ages and generations interested in exploring the impact of economic power on young women’s lives and activism. In addition to discussion sessions, peer-to-peer trainings and blogging activities led by young women, the YFC aims to create a support community for newcomers and young women attending the AWID 2012 Forum to help navigate the space, network, develop a deeper understanding of the Forum theme and build lasting relationships and friendships.

Thank you to the young feminist advisory board for all their support, ideas and committment:
Felistah Mbithe, Kenya; Rosie Westerveld, France; Rachel Arinii, Indonesia; Paulini Turagabeci, Fiji; Salma El-Naqqash, Egypt; Mirriah Vitale, USA; Tania Edith Pariona Tarqui, Peru; Ana Maldonado, Ecuador; Ezgi Koçak, Turkey; Ostalinda Maya, Mexico/Spain

When you have a minute…

  • Morning Coffee Chats: Grab your morning coffee/tea and join us at the YFC for a quick chat before you start your day.
  • Dream Board:  Pick a card, write your activist goal to transform economic power and post it on the YFC dream board.
  • Around the World in 60 seconds: Place a pin on our world map showcasing international, regional, and national young feminist initiatives.
  • Collective Mural: Bring your art skills and help create a collective mural portraying young women’s contributions to transforming economic power.
  • Wire Buttons: Pick up Wire Buttons at the YFC to give to someone that you talked with about using social media tools to transform economic power

Lunch @ YFC

Day 1: Opinion Charts:  Come by the YFC and share your thoughts on what economic power means to you by adding to flip charts hung around the YFC describing ideas discussed at the YFA Day.

Day 2: Young Women Building Collective Action: Gather at the YFC to build proposals on how to transform economic power

Day 3: Economic Power Multi-Lens: A discussion with women of various ages, generations and movements on their experiences with and responses to economic power

Day 4: What next? Join us in a discussion on concrete follow-up strategies including participation in the ICPD +20 process and other international spaces

Join the Forum Content Community by:

Blogging/Tweeting: Stop by the Feminist ICT Hub and join us in writing blogs and tweeting about your reflections of a session you attended…if you need space to reflect, come by the YFC and share your ideas with others

Interviews and Videos: Join the YFC participants in interviewing young women and making videos to upload to the Young Feminist Wire and Forum youTube channel