Wellness and Self-Care

Self-Care * Security * Safety

The Wellness Area is a comfortable and safe environment to enjoy a moment of tranquility during the Forum. It aims to help Forum participants to recuperate, reinvigorate and calm their minds. Organized by AWID in partnership with Consorcio Oaxaca, Institute for Women’s Empowerment, JUST Associates (JASS), Kvinna Till Kvinna and Linksbridge.

In addition to self-care and wellness practices, visitors to the area can engage in conversations about tools and approaches for safety and well-being. There will be scheduled activities for practice and reflection, as well as opportunities to sign up for one-on-one consultations and care. Self-care and security is a right for all who work on defending and promoting women’s rights. As activists, we need to exercise this right for ourselves, and not only for the people whose rights we work so hard to defend. The Wellness Area provides an excellent opportunity to share experiences and tools regarding the political importance of working for the well-being, security, and self-care of women’s rights activists. We encourage everyone to exercise their rights so “Take one for self-care,” and give yourself permission to relax during one of the breakout sessions!

Breakout sessions:

Group practice sessions:

  • Djembe/Dancing with African-American Women who Aint Afraid to Roar
  • Yoga
  • Guided meditation
  •  Introductory self-defense
  • Others to be confirmed

Other activities:

One-on-one consultations with practitioners regarding wellness and safety issues. There will be a sign-up board in the wellness area for sit-downs with practitioners who can provide guidance on particular situations.

One-on-one activities to take care of ourselves during the Forum, including massage, aromatherapy and reiki healing practices.

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