Resource Mobilization Hub

We’re excited to share with you the complete Resource Mobilization Hub program and materials page!

You’ll find here many of the materials presented at the Forum on different resource mobilizations topics, from fundraising to M&E to our own analysis of the funding landscape and more. We hope you have the chance to look around the site and pass on the link to others! Our apologies that the materials are only available in English. Read more…

The program for the Resource Mobilization Hub was developed in close collaboration with peers in the funding community and women’s rights movement. We appreciate the many contributions that have informed this new component of the Forum agenda. The hub offers a dynamic space for discussions, dialogue, sharing and learning related to mobilizing resources, funding trends, and fundraising for women’s rights and gender equality for both donors and women’s rights advocates. We hope every participant at the Forum will visit the Hub at least once during these four days and will find something of interest. The goal of the Hub is to provide a space for funders coming to the Forum to interact with each other and with activist participants in order to:

  • deepen discussions and understandings among different funding sectors and activists on the current funding context and strategies for resource mobilization for women’s rights organizing and movement building;
  • offer skills-building on effective feminist resource mobilization; and
  • provide opportunity for smaller group and one-on-one dialogues between and among funders from different funding sectors and women’s rights activists

Evening Plenary

Tapping current opportunities and assessing challenges to mobilize resources for women’s rights and feminists organizing around the world

Seven years ago, we asked the question “Where is the Money for Women’s Rights?” in a context where many funders and activists agreed that donor interest in women and women’s rights had peaked and then faded. Now nearly everywhere you look—from corporate foundations to mainstream media, international financial institutions to large international development organizations—we hear talk of investing in women and gender equality not just as smart economics, but also as “the right thing to do”. This renewed interest is important progress and it also comes with some challenges; how to ensure the results of these investments are making a real impact to advance women’s rights in the longer term? Our panel will explore how various donors are putting their commitments into practice, latest data on the funding situation of women’s organizations and how diverse development actors can work together to ensure that the resources becoming available for women really contribute to longer-term structural change and we tap current opportunities to mobilize more resources to support women’s rights and feminist organizing around the world.

Breakout Sessions:

Skills Sharing (Resource Mobilization Clinic):

Economic Solidarity: Raising funds and awareness for feminist activism through resource sharing

Rights-Based Evaluation for Social Change Work: a skill and strategy building session led by feminists reclaiming evaluation

Other activities:

Donor Office Hours: participants can sign up to have one-to-one or small group conversations with particular donors. Sign-up sheets and information available in the Resource Mobilization Hub

Letters to Donors Postbox: representatives from women’s movements can drop off anonymous letters they have always wished to send to their donors.

Letters to Grantees Postbox: representatives from donor agencies can drop off anonymous letters they have always wished to send to their grantees.

Donor Sharing Space: An opportunity for donors to share and learn from peers about funding women and girls and women’s rights and gender equality issues.

Living room conversations: Dialogues amongst funders from different sectors as well as between donors and activists on a variety of topics led by donor peers on relevant forum themes.

Come and engage! Informal lunchtime discussions on resource mobilization topics.