Economic Education Area

For women’s rights activists to challenge economic and development policies and practices, they must have a strong understanding and analysis of their contexts, basic knowledge of economics and development terminology to be able to engage substantively in the spaces in which economic policies are debated and created, influence decision making and have opportunities to learn more about the experiences and work of others – including other movements.

The program for the Economic Education Area was developed drawing on inputs and insights from a broad range of individuals doing related work. We appreciate the many contributions that have informed this new component of the Forum agenda.

The economic education space is an opportunity for you to exchange different forms of trainings and education for transformation on economics, gender and development, and to present and share tools, methodologies and reflections. It is intended to generate momentum around the need to revitalize, rethink and recreate new forms of collaboration across groups to provide the much needed training and education on economics and development to women’s rights advocates from around the world.  It is a space where we hope to encourage strategic thinking and dialogue among key actors engaged on these kind of activities about how to foster training and education when there is a wealth of experience on which to better equip activists to advance economic justice and women’s rights.


Breakout Sessions:

Demystifying economics sessions:

Debriefing self organized sessions run by specific groups aimed at providing a small informal and cozy space for you to debrief on the sessions you attended, how you felt, what youlearnt and how you are feeling about the theme and subthemes. 19th April AWID, 20th April JASS, 21st April Grassroots Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood (GROOTS)

The Reading Stop:

We know you will be very busy.  What with sessions, roundtables, caucuses and meeting new people, you may have precious little free time.  We encourage you, however, to take a spare moment or two at the Reading Stop to read the latest materials, analysis and tools brought by different groups and individuals with expertise on gender and economics education that will be available on this space.

Films on Display corner:

Different groups and individuals with expertise on gender and economics education will feature their work through short films, documentaries or videos. Throughout the AWID Forum, several of these pieces will be on display and you can preview some of these materials by visiting the AWID forum website.

Resources Stand:

Gender and economics education experts will bring their books, materials and tools to the Forum where they will be on display and organized according to regions and themes.

The Learning Journey Tree:

You can post a comment or an event on a tree to create a visual journey of individuals’ learning experiences and opportunities on economics and gender.

Feedback please!

You can leave your impressions, comments and suggestions on a board or in a fish bowl.