Advice for Grantseekers (From Grantmakers Without Borders)

The following websites contain listings of foundations and other organizations interested in international grantmaking:

A helpful but more costly funding research tool is the Foundation Center’s “Guide for Funding International and Foreign Programs” available for purchase at their website. Also available from the Foundation Center is The Guide to Proposal Writing, and its Spanish translation, Guía para escribir propuestas.

Forging Alliances South and North (ForAL) publishes Impulsando el cambio social (Leveraging Social Change), a Spanish-language funding resource guide for grantseekers.

Helpful Tips to Grantseekers

  • Few foundations will respond to grant requests made by e-mail.
  • Before seeking a foundation grant, first, look over the foundation’s website, grantmaking guidelines, and other related materials to see if there is a fit between the foundation’s grantmaking priorities and your programs.
  • If there is a good match, then follow the proposal submission instructions outlined by the foundation in their grantmaking guidelines.
  • Typically, you will first submit a “letter of inquiry,” which is a short document describing the nature of your work and the purpose of the grant request.

For Individual Grantseekers

  • Foundation Grants to Individuals Online has detailed descriptions of thousands of foundations and public charity programs that fund students, artists, researchers, and other individual grantseekers. There is a small fee for a one-month subscription.