Forum at a Glance

What is the AWID Forum?

The AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights and Development is both a conference and a call to action. The largest recurring event of its kind, the AWID Forum brings together women’s rights leaders and activists from around the world every three to four years to strategize, network, celebrate, and learn in a highly charged atmosphere that fosters deep discussions and sustained personal and professional growth.

Delegates to the Forum participate in four days of plenary speeches, interactive sessions, workshops, debates, and creative sessions geared to powerful thinking on gender equality and women’s human rights. Delegates also participate in informal caucuses, artistic events, cultural activities, and social and political spaces geared to global and regional networking and alliance building.

Delegates who participate fully in the Forum not only empower themselves with new tools and resources, but they also, collectively, re-politicize the gender and development community, strengthen alliances between women, and engage in work and thinking that is truly transformative.

This section of the Forum 2012 website provides a quick reference for users interested in understanding more about the different components and the structure & flow of the Forum as an event.