Women’s survival strategies in Chechnya: from self-care to caring for each other

What would a combination of self and community care look like? For activists in Chechnya, it means creating individual and organizational security plans, for example, that ensure if one woman is threatened, there are others standing by to help to keep her safe, writes Keely Tongate. Luiza encounters regular violence and intimidation in her work […]

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Can Monitoring and Evaluation be Feminist?

Posted in Financial Flows, Interdisciplinary on March 13th, 2013 by

Women’s organizations are leading complex social change processes that are political and feminist! Why can’t the same be true of our monitoring and evaluation practices? Women’s organizations are being pressed to show why donor resources are making a difference. This session – one of the top ten breakout sessions as voted for by Forum participants […]

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Re-envisioning development, exploring alternative constructions across the globe

In the context of converging crises, this in-depth session aimed to contribute to the debate on challenging the mainstream economic model from a critical feminist perspective. By convening a range of voices from different movements and sectors, the session began by unpacking development, departing from the understanding that development is a politically constructed process and […]

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Feminist Economics Toolbox

Posted in Interdisciplinary on February 7th, 2013 by

The mainstream economic system and the economic policies derived from it have significant impacts on women’s livelihoods and are a strong force in shaping their possibilities to fully exercise their rights and live a life with dignity. Any piece of the Forum program offered an opportunity for learning, but in particular, we developed an entire […]

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Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on Women

Posted in Interdisciplinary on October 25th, 2012 by

Women are at the centre of the fallout from the systemic crisis, which combines distinct interlocked crises: a global economic recession, the devastating effects of climate change, and a deepening food and energy crisis.   Videos  Ewa Charkiewicz. Feminist Think Tank, Poland  Ewa explains the impact of neoliberalism on women  

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