Big Ideas

This section of the website has been shaped from the big ideas shared at the AWID 2012 Forum plenary sessions. These sessions provided key inputs for the conceptual framing of the Forum theme and for making connections among the many agendas and perspectives present.

Economic power: Why does it matter and how to understand it in the current global context?: Think about economic power in a whole new way, and in particular how it connects to your everyday work and activism. Read more

Making the links between key current trends and their implications for women’s economic power: Learn about key trends and their implications for transforming economic power in different arenas such as work, the environment and possibilities for sustainable development, militarism, violence, and culture. Read more…

Experiences of Resistance and Collective Organizing to Transform Economic Power: Hear some of the experiences of diverse movements that are confronting and resisting dominant forms of economic power and who are organizing creatively to build their own power. Read more

The Task Ahead: Share some of the thinking to take us forward across lines of difference to confront and transform structures of economic power to advance women’s rights and justice.Read more