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The 2012 AWID Forum will be taking place in Istanbul, Turkey. We will be adding news and information regarding Turkey to this section of the website to highlight the political landscape and state of women’s rights in the country.

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  2. Proving you’re gay to the Turkish army
  3. Noam Chomsky Discusses Turkey with David Barsamian
  4. The Solitude of the Stateless: Kurdish Women at the Margins of Feminist Knowledge – Shahrzad Mojab 
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  7. Turkey Is The First Country To Ratify The European Convention To Combat Violence Against Women
  8. Petateras mobilize for Ngabe Bugle in Panama March 8 2012
  9. Draft law combating violence against women half pleases women’s groups
  10. A New Kind of Armenian-Turkish Reconciliation
  11. Letter from jailed BDP deputy Selma Irmak [announcement of hunger strike]
  12. An open letter to Slavoj Žižek: Turkey’s record on human rights means it is no model for the Arab world.
  13. Artists in Custody
  14. ‘Turkey is a prison for the Kurds’ says writer Akhanli
  15. Grandma’s Tattoos – A family story that reveals the fate of the Armenian women driven out of Ottoman Turkey during the First World War.
  16. Repression of Journalists in Turkey: Fighting Press Freedom with Anti-Terrorism Laws
  17. At the crossroad of militarism and patriarchy: State violence against women activists in Turkey
  18. Turkey: Credibility Depends on Rights at Home
  19. Turkey drops heavily in press freedom rankings
  20. Turkey’s PM hits back at American writer Paul Auster for comment he reportedly made
  21. petition – Turkish Justice Ministry: To Release All Kurdish Children in Turkey’s Jails!
  22. Kurds Sue Turkish Government over Massacre of Their Compatriots
  23. Turkey must investigate this massacre to build Kurdish trust 
  24. Turkey’s Military versus the Government — From Military Tutelage to Civilian Authoritarianism?
  25. Turkey’s shrinking media freedoms
  26. The Revolution Is Female – Abdullah Ocalan

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