About the Forum Theme

Transforming Economic Power to Advance Women’s Rights and Justice

Through the 2012 AWID Forum, we aim to explore how economic power is impacting on women and the planet, and to facilitate connections among the very diverse groups working on these issues from both human rights and justice approaches so that together we contribute to stronger, more effective strategies to advance women’s rights and justice.
Regardless of the circumstances and contexts in which we live, economic power cuts across all dimensions of our lives, from negotiating household expenditures to allocating national budgets and campaigning for recognition of the care economy, fair wages, decent working conditions, and affordable, common access to the world’s resources – including food, water, energy and land.

Economic power also impacts on and intersects with all women’s rights issues and agendas – from reproductive and sexual rights to violence against women, education, political participation and health.

This section of the Forum 2012 website provides a range of resources on the linkages between economic policies and practices at the micro, meso and macro levels and women’s lived realities, opportunities and challenges for transforming economic power. Organized by ten sub-themes, these resources are designed to help Forum participants and the organizations and movements to which they belong better engage in economic debates. The resources come from a diverse array of sources. We welcome contributions to these pages so please send any relevant information to contact@awid.org