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Unmasking religious fundamentalisms: women’s rights, freedoms and resistance Session

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What impact is the rise of religious fundamentalisms having on women’s rights and freedoms? How are activists fighting back?. This session – one of the top ten breakout sessions as voted for by Forum participants – shared insights from AWID’s research which gathered analysis from hundreds of activists on religious fundamentalisms, along with strategies and stories of challenge and resistance.

Speakers: Shareen Gokal, Sandra Dughman, Saira Zuberi, María Consuelo Mejía and Rebecca

Listen to the audio recording here

Key insights from AWID’s report Towards a Future without Fundamentalisms and case studies were shared. The session also featured Catolicadas, a cartoon by Catholics for Choice (CDD)-Mexico which aims to provoke public debate on the role of the Catholic Church in Latin America…

…inspired by The Adventures of Salwa by Nasawiya (Lebanon)

…as well as an inspiring presentation by a young feminist activist from Meem, a support community for lesbians, bisexuals, queers, questioning women, and transgender.


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