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Tax Justice and Women: Examining gender inequalities in the tax system

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This session – one of the top ten breakout sessions as voted for by Forum participants – was open to all women’s groups interested to take part or currently working on tax justice issues. It aimed to examine regressive tax structures in Asia that affect women. Sharing of country campaigns and initiatives done to address the issue was also done.

Speakers: Dayamani Barla, Lydinyda Nacpil, Manjette Lopez, Njoki Njehu, Ana Mae Dolleton

Session organizers shared with us the materials and resources below highlighting some of the issues raised in the breakout session “Tax Justice and Women: Examining gender inequalities in the tax system” at the 2012 AWID Forum.

  • TAXATION AND GENDER EQUITY: A Comparative Analysis of Direct and Indirect Taxes in Developing and Developed Countries (by Caren Grown and Imraan Valodia). Download the PDF
  • Tax and Gender, A Discussion Paper (December 2012) – by Mae Buenaventura, Jubilee south asia pacific movement on debt and development. Download the PDF
  • Campaign on Women and the Tax Justice in Philippines (Presented by Claire Miranda). Download the PDF
  • Engendering Budgets: A Practitioners’ Guide to Understanding and Implementing Gender-Responsive Budgets (by Debbie Budlender and Guy Hewitt). Download the PDF
  • Gendered Implications of Tax Reform in Latin America: Argentine, Chile, Costa Rica, and Jamaica (by Evelyne Huber University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill). Download the PDF
  • The Incredible Shrinking Elasticities: Married Female Labor Supply, 1978–2002 (by Bradley T. Heim). Download the PDF
  • Cooking and Caring, Building and Repairing: Unpaid Work around the World (From: Society at a Glance 2011 – OECD Social Indicators). Download the PDF
  • Owning Development: Taxation to fight poverty (by Deborah Itriago – OXFAM Research Report). Download the PDF
  • Tax Justice Advocacy: A Toolkit for Civil Society: This toolkit was produced as part of a three-year project ‘Towards Tax Justice: Raising Awareness, Building Capacity, Supporting International Coordination and Policy Dialogue to Make National and International Tax Systems More Supportive of Development’, implemented from 2009 to 2011 with funding from the European Commission. The toolkit is the result of a collaboration between Christian Aid, SOMO and an international reference group consisting of the Tax Justice Network (TJN), TJN Africa and Action for Economic Reforms. Download the PDF


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