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Demystifying Economics: Macroeconomic Policy

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What is macroeconomic policy? What are examples of how macroeconomic policies shape the realities of women’s lives? Understanding the overall impact of macroeconomic policies on human rights can be an effective tool in feminist activism.  This session explored the linkages between macroeconomic policies and human rights.

Speakers: Radhika Balakrishnan (CWGL), James Heintz (Political Economy Research Institute -PERI), Diane Elson (University of Essex)

Visit the Center for Women’s Global Leadership’s Economic and Social Rights Publications. They develop and share knowledge about the linkages between macroeconomic policies, and economic and social rights to better influence global and national policies, and strengthen capacities for women’s global leadership and gender equality.


Radhika Balakrishnan

Radhika Balakrishnan speaks about the merits of applying the human rights framework to macroeconomic policy

Interviews: Genevieve Cato and Ria DasGupta
Editing: Ria DasGupta

The intention in this informative video is to provide policy-makers, activists and academics working on gender equality, the right to food and economic policy with information on key issues related to the intersections of food rights, economic policy and feminism. This video highlights key discussion points of a two-day expert meeting.


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