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Corporate Campaigning 101

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Presenters discussed how campaign organizations working to advance worker rights in global supply chains balance campaigning and engagement with corporations to pressure for change. They also shared practical lessons based on real cases in the garment industry over the last decade. Some notes on basic dos and don’ts in corporate campaigning shared in the economic toolbox session “Corporate Campaigning 101” at the 2012 AWID Forum are included below.

Speakers: Ineke Zeldenrust and Niki De Koning (Clean Clothes Campaign), Ana Enriquez and Lynda Yanz (Maquila Solidarity Network)

Do’s and dont’s of corporate campaigning


1)    use sufficient information:

  • scrupulous collection of facts,
  • balance specific and general information,
  • indication of the scale of the problem,
  • which other companies are working with the same suppliers.

2)    think beforehand on what will be the follow up:

  • and how much time and capacity should be set aside for that?
  • what are the concrete demands, and can you make up a plan with different steps you want companies to take?
  • have an exit strategy: when are you done? Use interim goals.

3)    make clear positive suggestions for change:

  • show that dialogue can be maintained while continuing to address  unacceptable practices,
  • discuss solutions which apply to whole industry where relevant.

4)    GLOCAL: link local trade unions and labour CSO’s with suppliers and brands

5)    select a stronge image



1)    start something when you have no idea when and how to finish this,

2)    treat the CSR person within a company as the devil incarnate,

3)    use emotional or ideological language. The company will just stop listening,

4)    do it alone. Connect with off- and online partners.


Download the PP presentation Corporate Campaigning 101 from the Clean Clothes Campaign.



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