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Zelal Yalcin (Turkey)

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Zelal Yalcin studied Statistics at Mimar Sinan University between 1998 and 2004 and took part in projects with the State Statistical Institute and private research companies. She began her M.A. in Public Management at Istanbul University in 2008. She started working at the Foundation of Purple Roof Women’s Shelter in 2006 where her work has included coordinating the foundation’s internal/external relations, resource development, and press and public relations. Today she continues in her role as joint coordinator of an EU project for the foundation. She participates in local, national and international events and meetings concerning violence against women as a representative of the Foundation. She was a member of the group who drafted the CEDAW Shadow Report for Turkey and was involved in country evaluations. She has been a part of the 2006 Certificate and the 2009 Budget Monitoring Training and Camp Programs at the NGO Training and Research Center at Bilgi University, Istanbul. She actively participated in the organization of the ‘Fictions and Facts’ Conference Series held with the Social Policies and Social Work Graduate Program of the Faculty of Political Sciences at İstanbul University. Zelal also writes for Amargi, Feminist Politika and Radikal 2.


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