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Junya (Lek) Yimprasert (Thailand)

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Throughout her time as a social science student at Silpakorn University, Thailand, and from then on after graduation in 1989, Junya (Lek) Yimprasert has been a tireless, grass-root, hands-on, labour rights activist. She had early field experience in Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, and since then, has been an initiator, facilitator and organizer of many projects and conferences, gaining extensive experience of collaborating with and facilitating the work of the global unions. She founded the Thai Labour Campaign in 2000, which became well-known for its active defense of labour violations in Thailand. In 2009 she founded the Migrant Workers Union (Thailand). As a specialist on the injustices of global supply chains, Lek is the author of a large number of articles and publications. She has given workshops and presentations in 40 – 50 countries and produced some 15 films documenting the issues and projects she works with.


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