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Ekaete Judith Umoh (Nigeria)

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Ekaete Judith Umoh is a disability rights advocate and consultant, with a focus on the human rights of women with disabilities. She is the National Coordinator of Disabled Women Issues in Nigeria and CEO of the Family Centered Initiative for Challenged Persons (FACICP). Ekaete has worked as a consultant, activist and advocate in the field of disability, gender and development, and was an advisor to the book, ‘A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities’ published by Hesperian Foundation. Ekaete was a speaker at the Women Deliver Conference in 2007, in London, UK. The Disabled Women’s Caucus at the 2008 AWID Forum Final Plenary in Cape Town nominated her to present ‘A Position Paper on Strategies for Inclusion of Women with Disabilities’. Ekaete helped to organize and facilitate the ‘Disability Sexuality and Rights Online Training’, an AWID-funded seed grant project. Her interests include gender and disability, sexual and reproductive health and rights. She is an alumnus of the Women’s Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD), holds an MSc in Social Work, PGDE in Science Education and FUD in Microbiology and Virology.


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